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Astral Projection in Movies

Original Publication date: April 2, 2011

Hollywood released quite a few astral projection movies in the 2011 Hollywood Box Office. Astral travel, astral projection, astral plane, and astral traveler are common terms used to describe out-of-body-experience. What movies have astral projection?

Classic Nightmare on Elm Street movies have astral projection. Have you ever noticed the characters leaving their bodies while in the astral world? Freddie resides in the astral world, where he is most powerful. Whereas Freddie can be pulled into the physical world, he has little power to attack his victims. Astral projection is essentially leaving the physical body, also known as an out-of-body-experience. Every A Night on Elm Street movie uses the astral projection theme.

The new Insidious movie has astral projection. Astral travel is a high concept that holds the movie together. This  metaphysical movie taps into the astral projection concept to show how people use their gifts to astral travel into the astral world. Astral travel was discussed in the midpoint of the movie. In reference to astral projection and astral travel, there was no allegorical elements to decode. The psychic medium identified astral projection as a dangerous process that exposes the physical body to possession. Hence, Insidious is a metaphysical movie with astral travel and astral projection theme.

Sucker Punch is another metaphysical film with astral projection. The main character relies on her astral travel to find the tools necessary to escape the mental asylum. The writer and director employed metaphysical elements such as astral travel to astral project the main character into an astral world. The technique transformed a boring asylum into an adventure to escape evil. Indeed, Sucker Punch explored astral projection in a metaphysical sense.

The Adjustment Bureau is another metaphysical movie that also uses astral projection. The agents are essentially angels from another world with the powers to change events. Matt Damon's character is able to astral project through doors and underground mazes. The astral projection theme is light in the movie. Nonetheless, the fate theme is the dominant theme. There are no out-of-body-experiences in The Adjustment Bureau.

In reality, a person can't travel through doors to descend into another location within a city. In that sense, Damon had to astral project to maneuver between the astral world and the physical world. Whereas astral projection is rather weak in the movie, The Adjustment Bureau represents a metaphysical movie dealing with the unexplained.

The Source Code is all about astral projection. This movie explores the out-of-body-experience through a person who is obviously dead. Machines are keeping Jake's Gyllenhaal's character alive. Therefore, his mind is capable of leaving his partially dead body to travel into an astral world that only exists in the mind of another dead man. The writer creates a astral world from within another world to show the metaphysical elements of the explained versus scientific breakthroughs of unexplained then become explained.

Essentially, science must prove that one person can leave their mind to travel into another world. Astral travel is partially explained in literature. But the reality of astral projection relies on real accounts. It is quite possible that in a future world, a person will be able to astral project to find information in the mind of another person who is already deceased. As confusing as it may seam, the movie never touched on how the scientists were able to gain access to the mind of the deceased man on the train. The Source Code is all about the metaphysical elements of the unexplained and astral projection.

Movies using the psychic concept are usually show a character leaving their mind to enter another deceased individual. Therefore, a psychic senses the astral world through the mind of the deceased. The unexplained power can project the dead into the real world. Ghost may latch onto the metaphysical an out-of-body-experience of astral travel to bring the dead together again with the living.

I'm sure if I investigate further, there are many other movies that use astral projection as a concept. Metaphysical movies use engaging themes to show that life in the physical world might as well be imagined. The space in the astral world shows mind power working to explore the unexplained. Nevertheless, the mind is a powerful tool with the capability to project a person further into a fantasy world.

Astral travel and dreams are interrelated phenomenons. In decoding dreams, one must rely on dream symbols. To most people, dreams are a normal process in the living world. In the unexplained world, dreams convey to people that there is another world beyond the physical world. Astral travel displaces the subconscious mind to astral project a person into the astral world without limitations. Astral projection in movies will continue to be utilized in upcoming Hollywood projects.          

Written by Jason Allen Goodlin

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